Monday, June 4, 2012

may 31st letter

Hey missions are neat.  I'll try to tell you everything today.  So I walked in the doors with my really nerdy host missionary and he kept speaking to me in spanish so I was kinda confused but it's chill.  Then I ran into Izzy D and we talked for awhile and helped me know what was going on.  Then I went and met my comp.  His name is Elder Ricks.  He is from Rexburg Idaho and he is the compete opposite from me.  He is a math freak and is super smart.  His hobbies are like learning the binary code.  But he's way cool.  We have 3 bunk beds in our tiny room.  We barely fit.  Two of my roomies are from Canada.  My comp is talking about how fast he can type on his modified keyboard at home, so that describes him best.  My residence and classroom and cafeteria are right next to eachother so I never had problems learning where stuff was.  Um I'm learning super fast.  We have this thing called T.R.C. where we get to teach a real investigator.  The only problem is he gets paid to come to the MTC and listen to us so its way hard cause he just sits there.  But he's from Kenya and we were talking about baptism and in his tribe for baptism you climb a mountain to a spring, get baptized, then circumcised, then left alone with all the other kids until you kill a lion.  So he has killed a lion.  At age 12.  Oh yesterday we had a photographer come take pics of us learning so I might be in the ensign or or something so thats cool.  It's weird, it's been a whole week all the newbz came in yesterday.  It was good to see them and realize I've made it a week.  It's fun to hear from the Canadians in my room.  They tell us stories and stuff all the time.  We did not get any breaks on Memorial Day.  Just no mail.  My typical day is arise & prepare, breakfast, classroom, lunch, classroom, zone teaching, dinner, gym, TRC, workshop.  But it always is different.  I am learning the language pretty quick cause the Elders I live with talk Canadian.  Garbage disposal is garburater and bathroom is wash room, beanie is tuk.  Stuff like that.  My room is small.  It only has 2 desks but 6 people, food is okay.  I get salads alot cause the lunch lady's scare me.  I go to the temple on Thursdays.  Which is today aka my P day.  We get to go on temple walks on Sunday where we just walk around the temple and take pics and stuff.  My fave scrip is D&C 35 or something.  I left my scrips in my class so I can't get them right now.  80 percent of what we do is just role play teaching so right now I have like 6 fake investigators and real one.  Haha we taught this really old guy who was pretending to be non LDS but he was too nice so we challenged him to be baptized first lesson and he said yes.  It was funny cause we saw him as a host like 20 min later and asked him why he was at the MTC.  Today is the first day we get to do laundry.  So I was running out of clothes fast.  How's Max?  Still alive?  I'm getting hella good at four square so thats neat.  -Elder Knaphus

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