Tuesday, June 5, 2012

May 31 email

 you asked me who ive seen. i see Anderson every once in awhile. and i see Sam Tempest and Izzy D like everyday. but i never have my camera so i haven't done that yet. but i tried to take some pics of the room and my comp and stuff like that. oh send me a sim card for my camera and ill send you the one i have. i get to go to the temple in a couple hours so im way stoked for that. and right now im just waitin for the laundry to get done. mtc life is crazy but i know for a fact that everything i do here is inspired by god and i feel so blessed. reading the BOM while on a mission is a completely different experience. when you read it you don't think about how it helps you, you think about how it can help everyone else and its truly amazing. im sure its really similar as reading it as a mother. right now we are doing this thing called TRC were we teach a real investigator but he gets paid to be here, so its hard to teach him cause he even tells us he is here for the money  and that he already believes his church is true and stuff but its a cool opportunity cause most people just teach members who pretend to be investigators. hopefully i can help him feel the spirit and maybe ill baptize someone in the mtc that would be crazy. well anywho my letter says alot so im gonna go put my cloths in the dryer. love you write me back yay!!!!!!!

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