Wednesday, January 9, 2013

January 7th email: Big changes!

well today is pretty darn crazy both me and elder lee are being transferred so its really hectic. I'm going to an area called Enisville or something like that, it's outlining and I'm training as well so it should be crazy. i don't know my new comp yet but i will let you know soon. Elder Lee is going to an area called Parkland and he is being made district leader. so its crazy today cause we have to completely clean everything in our apartment cause sister missionaries are coming here. but anywho all i know about my area is that sister missionaries used to be there. so it should be fun. i know its a ward even though its a small town so there must be lots of members but i hear its a hard area so it will be a neat experience. its kinda like my first area but this time I'm the trainer in the brand new area.... hopefully God knows what he is doing. well like i said today is SUPER crazy so i can't talk long but i love you lots hopefully all is going well back home and tell everyone im sorry for not writing them.

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  1. good job updating! you should put that other pic of riley's suit on here