Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Dec. 3rd email

Man its great to hear that people are doing so good. i must say you raised one mighty fine family. well anywho things are going pretty good right now. we have been teaching a lot more people and the work is progressing. man its exciting that christmas is coming up so quickly. i feel like my mission is going by way too fast.  its really cool to talk with people of other faiths everyday and see how they have already gained truths from god but they are just one prayer away from being Mormon. thats really all it takes. just like Joseph Smith you can find the truth of all things if you just ask God. we are teaching a Muslim right now and its pretty intense cause Muslims are hardcore. but i really think he will be baptized. right now we are teaching 5 Filipino people. so that's pretty cool.. i might come back speaking Tagalog. but anyways its exciting that dad got the big job. its always cool to be working on Gods houses. have you still been going to the temple often? you should tell Stu to get temple worthy. its ridiculous the many blessings we have as members that the whole world is missing out on. well i really don't know what more to say...  i enjoyed the letters i received in the package. they made me happy. man has anyone of my friends tied the knot yet? how are Jason and his wife doin?  is max alive still?

 1. what is weather like right now?  we have no snow!!  really cold snow will be on the ground till april....
2.did you like last package?  yeah it was really fun. but for some reason i cant look at the videos on the camera
3.when did you get it? the week before this
4. do you need any addresses? i think im good.... i suck at writing
5. do you have to plug your car in? no not yet we just start it early
6. Garr has a companion that lives by you.  he said he even has your number.  Have you seen him? nope.... i dont know who he is
7.Do you have a christmas tree?  you should get, at least a small one! our appt is pretty small. plus im spending way to much money latley
8. who drives the most?  elder lee really likes driving so i let him do it the most
9. How do you like driving in the snow? its fine just like in utah
10. where will you skype from on Christmas?  I am so excited! not sure yet ill get back to you on that one

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