Tuesday, January 8, 2013

December 10th email

haaha last week for p day i got a hair cut and we went to costco with some members hahahahaha it was rad. but man it really sounds like things are going really good. there is an ikea in canada. but its kinda far away and to be honest im prolly not gonna buy a tree.  man im starting to work pretty hard on my weight loss. its enjoyable. im at about 215 on Wednesday im getting a suit from someone so that will be nice, but jee wiz im stoked for Christmas we will have to skype im gonna find out this week where we will do it then i will let you know next p day all the info. man it seems like Stu is doing super good he is a stud im stoked to go to the temple with him when i get back. man when we skype you are going to have to make the boys behave cause it will prolly be in front of members. but anywho things are going good its really cold like -25 now a days. but it makes things exciting im stoked my new suit is going to be brown so that will be fun. anywho i got to get going bye love yaaaaaaaaaaa
well i have a little more time. today i committed myself to take some pictures cause i have been slackin really badly, also im gonna try to write a letter but no promises, well im kinda getting the suit from elder lee but its in another area and another missionary has it. its not new but in good condition. and im pretty happy things are going good. but yeah today actually isn't very cold for some reason but the next couple of days are supposed to get really cold so that will be fun. man you got to get a boat load of questions ready for Christmas so we aren't just sitting there looking at each other.... we have two Christmas parties we are going to this week so that's really fun. and on Christmas we are eating with this African family who is way rad and she cook the most gnarly huge meals ever. so im stoked for that too. i love you so much and it will be fun to see and hear from you all soon.

 Elder K and Elder Lee so excited for Christmas (Elder Lee sent me this picture, I don't get them for Elder K!!)

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