Tuesday, January 8, 2013

December 17th emails: Elder Lee is so funny!

To Mandy:
well things are going pretty darn good. we are starting to see lots of really cool things happen. we will start to have baptisms here in Sturgeon. but anyway the Christmas spirit is helping out a lot in the work, last night we had a call from a less active member who wants to meet with us. so that's really exciting. we also had a lesson with one of our investigators and she wants to be baptized but she just has to overcome some things first.  darn tootin baby scarface is getting so big its crazy. she is starting to look like a small human. well i think i will be emailing a long time today cause elder lee wants to email you guys and he takes forever to write in engrish ahahahshah welll see ya
To Mom:
well im feeeling quite cold today..... how are you feeling? dang well we have lots to do today so ill try to be quick... we are starting to see lots of cool things happen in Sturgeon which is way rad. and also the Christmas season is really good for being a missionary. we haven't been able to find someone we can skype with yet but we will work on it. im really sorry i suck so bad at writing and sending pics. but things are just too crazy and busy all the time. i just tried some new fruit that was really good.its called persimmon you should look it up. it looks like a tomato but tastes like a mango. we got the Christmas presents and elder lee is having a really hard time waiting hahahaha also my last package was awesome. the scarf is ginormous though. i have to wrap it around like ten times hahahahaha anywho things are going well the church is still true and there are rumors that china is being opened so that's cool. also the mission here in Canada is supposed to have lots of big changes soon.. like lots of sister missionaries and what not. hopefully we will get i pads soon. we had a super good sacrament meeting and things are going good we had our ward Christmas party and it was super fun, elder Lee sang in Korean, it was cool. well im prolly gonna have some members get a hold of you to set up the skype thing, it should be good.... of course im procrastinating it though hahahahah. oh the gloves are super nice too. well i got to go but its nice hearing from ya merry Christmas
Emails from Elder Lee:
to Phil
hey thank you for your letter and letting me use Riley's belly button.
to answer your question, Im not related to bwuce and i have no idea what kung fu is.
I also dont know what scezwan or kung pow is, so when i go to Utah you can show me and i will let you know.
By the way, i enjoyed seeing your airplane ;)

to Mandy
Merry Christmas to you too. Im so glad that im Elder Knaphus companion too.
yea he was telling a lot of stories about his family and i always enjoy to listen them.
that is good that you have a baby girl now. I grew up in Korea and moved to Vancouver 3years ago.
so i lived in Vancouver for 2years and the mission for a year. I have a younger brother and he is also serving his mission in Toronto.
oh are you good at cutting long hair?

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