Tuesday, January 22, 2013

January 14th email: New comp: Elder George

well even though you didn't write me i will extend my loving mercy to you and share with you my recent advent. well on Wednesday  i went and picked up my new companion. his name is Elder George and he is a super cool guy. he is from Las Vegas. and is all about sports he was gonna play college football for byu........ but he got brain damage so he didn't. now he kinda reads slow and stuff but not enough to notice, but he has a strong testimony and a super good work ethic so I'm super stoked to work with him. he said that there are 18 yr olds in the mtc now. so that's crazy. but any way after i picked up Elder George i made my way to the deep south of my mission. this area is the 2nd lowest point in the mission so that's cool I'm actually really close to Calgary now. any-who this area had no idea that elders were coming so we don't have a real place to stay yet so we are just living in a families unfinished basement right now. but should only be there for about 2 weeks. then we will move somewhere else. the family we are living with are awesome though, they are old school farmers so we wake up every morning to help them split firewood and they make us a huge breakfast. Phill would love living here. our basement electrical is run the same way old barns are is what bro. Smith told me, so ill take some pics of it for Phill, its pretty cool. its super cool doing morning studies next to an old fireplace thing. but anywho its been quite the adventure especially since i got supper sick 2 nights ago. i was throwing up for like 5 hours. it was miserable but the next day i got a blessing and i feel better now. but ill tell you a little about Innisfail. its really small but we cover like 4 really small areas we live in a tiny town called Bowden and there is nothing here but a penitentiary (prison)  then we go to another small town called Penhold a ton. we got an investigator living there and he accepted a baptismal invite the first time we met with him so thats super cool. his name is Jeff and he is from Newfoundland so he speaks perfect Pickey. and his wife is Mexican so its pretty weird but they are super cool. Sunday was super good, elder George spoke for 5 min and did a really good job and the ward is super cool they love doing missionary work so its rad. oh man its been crazy our first day we shoveled like 10 walks and it was the first time elder George has ever shoveled snow. and when we went to the car his hands were legit bright purple. he is hating the snow but he never complains cause he is a boss. but anywho ill have to take some good pics cause this area is really fun. its kinda like Hinton just way smaller and its a ward not a branch and its farm country. oh and the people we live with are super prepared for a natural disaster they have all these weird cold rooms and holes in the ground that they store food. its really cool. well thats all i can think of for now byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Mom asked some questions:
Will you be moving soon?   not sure at thiss point i think the bishop is looking for one. the only problem is there is no one appartment buildings in this whole area haha
 Were you ever able to watch the videos of Scarlett we sent on the camera card? no i couldnt watch them..... i tried putting them in other peoples cameras but no go.
Where was that Christmas village picture from, you never said?  the members who's crazy Christmas stuff is the Vanovermeres. she is a crazy lady kinda like someone else i know....
 How do you like driving in the snow?  i have almost been in 3 crashes so far...... its turrible
Dad asked some questions:
 Are you still sick? Did you get some pepto bismo?  no im good no i just had to sleep a whole day cause i was throwing up all night
 How is the living quarters with the fam you are staying with? Do they have an apartment? well..... we pretty much live in a dungeon hahaha. we just have a little room and an unfinished basement.  oh yah im living with a way rad family and there son served his mission with a K nap. you know who served in Okinawa japan 1987?

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