Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sept. 3rd email: Labour Day (do you like the French Canadian spelling )

 Labour Day (do you like the French Canadian spelling )
Dad: man that is so cool that the ward is doing its missionary work. our ward right now is kinda struggling. we are really trying to help the members here get excited about sharing the gospel. man mandy sent me a picture of you and you are looking good. when i get home we can run a marathon together. its great to see how well you are doing after your surgery. keep up the good work. didnt you turn in a bid a little bit ago? how did that turn out? man this is the last football season i have to miss i will be there next year. well stay classy i love you?
Mom: the only way i wont be here for 6 monthes is if i go assistant. so i will stay here ha. i got a cool type writer the other day for free so i will start writing cool letters. man C diddy is lookin fresh to death. well i dont have to muuch to say this week im starting to gain weight from insanity so thats good. im also pretty sure i will be able to dunk it before i go home from my mission.  well it sounds like you are having a fun litlle trip. I HOPE ALL YOUR WILDEST DREAMS COME TRUE!!!!!
To Mandy: yeah i get home in may. I'm trying to extend my mission but our mission pres isn't a fan. man sounds like that was a good meeting. the joy of missionary work is one comparable to the goodness of snuggling with a midget. you should participate in that pleasure and get your friends back to church. that would be super cool. yeah but if you find out about any marathons that would be neat i want to try to stay super motivated when i get home so i can get married and stuff. so also keep an eye out for cute girls for me hahahahaha yay. well i love you lots your my favorite sister have a great day

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