Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Aug 19th:

Mom, its not cold here but it is dropping. im wearing a long sleeve shirt today. oh man i miss scones so much. im starting a hard core diet again. so im hopefully gonna drop the rest of my chub before winter. I'm at 185 right now. there is a mentally challenged guy siting next to me who just asked me how to spell adult mermaids. he wants to buy a mermaid fin to swim in. its pretty exciting. when i got to this area we didnt have any investigators so right now we are doing lots of finding, but this week we had a lot of success. We found a family who the mom is a member and they just moved here and all her kids want to be baptized.  We are eating with them tommorrow and hopefully we will start teaching her four girls her husband and her mom, who all agreed to meet with us. so that is really cool.  Then we have one other guy who we got to come to church this week and when we were walking with him in the halls he stopped and looked at the painting of christ appearing in the Americas and he asked us what it was and we told him about it and he was amazed; he said he always felt like christ had appeard to the Americas so that was really cool we asked him to be baptized in 3 week and he accepted. We will be visiting him every other day.  We just have ghetto flip phones
Anyway this week will be fun, we get to spend three days in Edmonton having leadership meetings and meeting Elder Zwick. also elder Marsh will be sleeping at our pad this week so i will get to catch up with him. he is a district leader in my zone so i get to talk to him a lot. you should send me a picture of me and him together as kids to show people. anyway have a beautiful day love ya lots byeeeeeeeeeeeeee

 my comp has the red checkered tie

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