Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Sept. 9th email: Mythical package

Sounds like you are having fun in Indy. it also sounds like it will be cool for Logan. I hope he dosent get to into NASCAR. well today my companion got transferred so that's a big bummer, I'm getting a new companion, I cant remember his name right now, he is serving in Yellowknife. so he is super north. but i guess he is a country type of guy likes farm equipment and boots. so I'm hoping he likes guns. but I'm also worried because right now our zone has the highest standards in the mission and I'm worried that this transfer will make it tough to keep it up. but i will force him to be a good zone leader. also here is some crazy news. Elder Marsh just got called as the new assistant.  so i went from being his zone leader to him being my assistant! its super cool we get to still go on exchanges, also elder George is coming into my zone and he is a district leader so i will get to go on exchanges with him. it should be super fun. but we are also getting a lot of disobedient missionaries so I'm gonna have to be kinda strict with them. anywho i got a haircut today it looks good. also in this mythical package will i be getting my watch back? thats really all i care about. its been like 6 months since I've had a watch and it makes it kinda hard. anywho time is flying by super fast Im already nervous to come home I'm in the single digits of months left. well i love you bye!!!!!
Dad:   sounds like the U has a pretty stacked team this year. im glad things are going good with your head. do you still have some tumor chillin in there? well are you gonna have a fun job for me when I get home? I wouldnt mind working in Alberta. haha, anywho you should hire Logan a hot mormon secretary so he can marry her, just a thought. anyway im glad you are doing so well and i love you lots have a great day :)
Mandy:  get him to church! man i cant believe how big scar is it blows my mind. sounds like you have a fun new calling.. hope you enjoy it :) yeah Jake Hauruny did cross fit. and a member here who used to weigh 300 did it and is now like 200 and has a good lookin wife. he's my inspiration. i was actually just at there house, she cuts our hair for free and does a really good job. it actually reminds me of getting my haircut from you. cause she is all hip and what not. that sux that u r sick. I hope u feel better fast, well my comp just got transfers so that's crazy my new comp is like a country type guy. so im hoping it will go good maybe he knows about guns. tell :hill he needs me as a coach.

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