Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Aug 6th emails: Time is flying

To Leslie:  things are going really good time is flying by super fast right now. we have been really busy. elder jordo is still in Innisfail, so i get to call him all the time because he is a district leader. im actually going to Innisfail today on exchanges with elder Oneill, so that will be really fun to see all the people I taught before. both me and my comp are zone leaders. I have served around my new comp, Elder Vega my whole mission and we were already really good friends so things are going awesome we are right in Red Deer on the north end. i bought a new suit at a legit store!  I figured I should try to look presentable but i talked my way into a really good deal i got a 350$ suit for 100$ so that was good. anyway things are going well I'm in a bit of a hurry cause we are super busy today hope you have a beautiful day love ya bye
To Chris:  Red Deer is the best.  elder marsh is still in Innisfail we are actually going on exchanges with him today. so that will be fun im going with his companion. but i get to go back to innisfail so that will be really fun. Lindsey right now is living in a town called Waterton for the summer so i will probably see her in a couple months but i have talked to her mom a little bit and she is doing great. the area im in is really tough work because we have the largest zone so we have to do lots of zone things. we go on exchanges twice a week and right now we are planning a 3 hour training that we have to give in two days. but our zone is the best zone in the mission right now, so that's really fun. love you lots keep working hard and hope you get the new job
Answer to question about a good thought from Preach My Gospel for Ward Council:
iI have really learned to love the accountability section in the PMG under use time wisely. it would be really good for ward council because most of the time ward councils give people specific assignments and they never do them so you could talk about the importance of being accountable to god and doing whats right for god not just the bishop.  
To Mandy:  man this is the last football season I have to miss. things are going good here just pluggin along. man that omelet sounds great I made a cheese sauce recently and I used a little fetta cheese is was good. I'm trying harder to loose weight again cause my new companion will actually wake up in the mornings. I'm at 188 right now. its pretty weird i dont think I've weighed this since I was like 12, ha! well anyway I love you hope all your wildest dreams come true

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