Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Aug. 26th emials: Elder Zwick was great!

Man i really miss everybody. you need to make sure that no one gets married before I'm home. unless its Stu to a good mormon girl. haha!  Man i cant believe Evan is old enough to play ball thats awesome. You would be safe making thirty handouts, we currently have 24 but in a couple week we are getting quite a few more at least 2 areas are splitting.  Kelli is getting married? thats pretty wild.  Now if i come home and call her huge her husband might get mad. haha!  man I got to go to the temple to this week I really enjoyed the temple video it added extra emphasis on some neat things. I had a really spiritual week I got to hang out with a gereral authority for two days, It was really neat we all started by going up and shaking his hand but when he saw my name he gave me a big hug and started talking about g pa.  He asked about the tile bussiness and I told him that its now a panneling company and what not. it was really cool.  Man its cool that Will put his papers in, hope he sticks to it. If only people would understand that wickedness never was happiness. and its pretty easy to see how decisions have led to heart ache and sadness. but oh well. this week we got 4 new investigators so that is really cool 2 of the 4 are on date to be baptised so thats good.  anywho im really lovin the mission and time is going by faster and faster. my mission president the other day said that he wont allow me to extend my mission ha so thats too bad, but thats okay. oh and Pres Manion just approved the work out dvd insanity so we are doing that every morning, I'm the most sore I have ever been in my life haha. but it will be good. well love ya have a great day..
To Dad: 
I hear you are a driving man thats exciting. Elder Zwick was great. right when he saw my name tag he gave me a hug and said my family is the best tile setters or something like that. it was a really cool expeirence we got to have lots of one on one time with him and he gave us lots of advice on how to be the best mormon possible. so it was really cool. He gave me his email so I can write him if I ever need anything, so thats neat. he also said to say hello to you. and me and elder Marsh stayed up all night talking a few days ago it was good to catch up with him. he will probably go zone leader after this transfer. man i miss Benny poo. I'm definatly blessed to have good friends.  well i love you lots 
 Here is my zone with another zone (Grande Prairie and Red Deer)
 here is a Stake pictures from our mission Conference with Elder Zwick - Enjoy!

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