Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sept. 16th email: My new companion is such a stud

mommy i love you. you are the best mom in the world. are you having fun on your trip? i hope so. things are going really good here my new companion is such a stud. remember how we had a missionary awhile back who was super funny and had a drawl? well my new companion im pretty sure is the same person. he is the funniest guy ive ever met. he loves trucks everytime we pull up to a truck he rolls down the window to listen to the engine then he tellls me all about why it is making certain noises. today he got super excited cause we pulled up to a huge diesel that  had a turbo. he always over exagerates his accent and says stuff like look upbear instead of look up there. its so great. today we had a thirty minute conversation about biscuits and gravy. haha i really hope i can serve with him for a long time cause he is also the hardest working guy ever cause he was a rancher, hes from payson utah but lives on a little farm. he is a big ute fan and also loves guns. its a blast. this week we had 6 investigators commit to come to church and no one showed up so thats a bummer. but we also meet in a building thats 35 minutes out of town so that makes it hard. anywho hope all is well i love ya
Mandy: hahahahah man did my watch get fixed? i have asked mom every week and she hasnt told me so i dont know if i should just by a piece of crap walmart one or not. man baby scar is getting so big. and where did her jew fro come from? hahahaha garr thinks he knows more then me. he didnt know more than me before my mission. what are these scripture inserts you speak of? who did the utes lose too? im excited to be able to talk to baby scar at christmas. well i got to go but i love you lots <3

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