Thursday, October 24, 2013

Sept. 30th email: keeping a Journal

man I've been really loving my mission. its definitely a challenge but im learning so much. i recently made a renewed effort to write in my journal but to also try and make it something my future family could benifit from and it has been really great. i have found that keeping a journal really helps me to remember all the blessings i have recieved throughout the day and also helps me see ways I can do better. you should try keeping a journal. so someday my kids can read it and learn how to be an amazing mother. i have a very firm testimony in being healthy. since we have been doing insanity I feel so much better. it makes no sense because we wake up an extra hour early to exercise but I have way more energy throughout the day and can focus more in my studies. today we had a fitness test then we moved on to the harder workouts so we woke up at 5 it was crazy, I have never been this sore on my mission. but it feels really good. it seems like there is a lot going on back home everyone is moving out.  Gar is slayin weems its exciting I only have like 8 more monthes till I'm home thats pretty weird to think. I'm a little worried since I have been zone, leader time flies a lot quicker. I'm learning a lot about engines too its pretty funny. I can now tell what truck it is by the sound it makes. anywho we are having more and more sucess here in Red Deer when I got here we had zero investigators. and now we have 8 so that is exciting. the ward we are serving in is really excited. we should have some baptisms at the end of October. we are teaching a family that is super accepting of the docterine but they have lots of bad habits to overcome we could potentaly baptize 6 of them together. that would be really cool. anywho thats al for the day hope all your wildest dreams come true.
well mommy im excited to get some cute letters its already getting cold here. right now it is sleeting. i think it will snow in the middle of October. I'm excited to get a new sunnto core! is it straight black? also i have a question for ya. i received a new winter coat for free because my really nice north face one is huge on me. do i have permission to sell it to a less fortunate missionary. or do we have a warranty on it and should i just send it back? let me know asap.

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