Tuesday, October 8, 2013

July 29th email: Transferr to Red Dear, New Comp, Zone Leader

Well things are pretty crazy right now. 2 days ago I got called to be a zone leader so I have been super busy preparing for that, going to meetings and what not.  My new companion is Elder Vega, I have served around him a lot, he was my district leader for awhile and my zone leader in Innisfail, so we are already good friends.  He is from Riverside Cali. my new area is Red deer which is the zone that Innisfail is in.  It should be fun, but I'm not sure how I feel about it.  I'm struggling just doing normal work now i have to worry about a bunch of ctazy missionaries. Anyway thats about all thats going on just packing and saying bye to the members here. well anyway i love you lots keep up the good work and hope thing go good for g pa
Dad, its cool to see how many girls and guys are going on missions. its such an amazing experience. man time is really flying I felt like yesterday I was at the MTC and I'm more then half way done now. The work is going great here.  I'm getting transferred back down to the red deer area so that will be fun.  I love my new comp, he has been my district leader before so i know him very well. he is a cool guy. well i love you lots keep workin hard and being cute. and good luck with the bidding process

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