Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July 22 email: Spoke at a Catholic funeral

I told Riley I want him to come to the parade next year....  He answered...by this time next year im gonna be married so i probably wonnt have time to go to a parade. well this week was pretty cool i got to speak at a funeral. It was intresting because it wasnt a mormon funeral so we kinda had to just speak like we were normal Christians. it was super weird cause behind me there was all creepy Catholic, stuff like there was a huge cross with Jesus on it and stuff. it was funny because we read from the Book of Mormon a lot but just started by saying a Prophet once said... haha! my companion talked about plan of salvation and I spoke about Christs mercy. One of the ladies there was super offended that Mormons were duing the funeral it was pretty funny. but we did it for free so no one could complain. it was super weird though speaking at someones funeral you have never met. also this week we had a ward BBQ that was super fun. there was a water fight thaty broke out at the end, missionaries were the favorite target of the little kids. my companion got really grumpy cause a little kid got him wet then the bishop came behind him and soaked him with a bucket. it made me extremely happy. i thinik next week i will probably get transfered from this area, witch is pretty sad. but oh well. I'll keep my eye out for those type of candies. you should just not go on any trips and then we can go on cool trips when i get home. well our investigators are doing ok. this week our only good investigator had a baby so we cant meet for a while. well love ya bye
To Dad:  man sounds like a crazy week. that's cool that Ben is home, do you think he will be married shortly? i really hope William makes it back out. serving a mission is something that will provide a huge foundation for anyone who goes. that's too bad that Stu passed on this week i actually spake at a funeral. it was a very neat experience it was a non denominational service so as i was speaking there was a giant cross behind me, it was very unique.  i sent a package home today that has the invitation for it. but it was really nice being able to see how blessed we are with a knowledge of the plan of salvation. as other people were giving their remarks they really didn't know where we go when we die. i highly doubt the i pads will even come out before i go home. facebook might come out in a few months. but the mission President doesn't have any info on it yet. so for right now we are still just knockin on doors. well i love you lots have a great day bye

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