Thursday, July 18, 2013

May 21 email: Love my new comp

Dear Mom,  I think you ask me every email if i burn stuff. the answer is no, i think it is really dumb. i am pretty thoroughly convinced that the end of the world is pretty darn soon. you should go on a mission soon or else you wont be able tooooo. anywho this new area is really sweet we got some free bikes this week from some members and its super fun to just cruse around and stuff. we are starting to have a bit more success but its a pretty hard area cause everyone we talk to isn't in our actual boundaries so we just hook up other missionaries, i got and email this week from Sharon.(lindsays mom) she says she misses me and she is reading Our Search for Happiness. a book i gave her before i left. i really hope she will get baptized some day. time really fly's on the mission i feel like I'm brand spakin new, but its been a year. hope fully it slows down a bit. anywho my new comp is super cool he loves working hard and we have tons in common. its like chillin with buddies back home cause hes so chill. he even quotes Dave Chappelle. this week was really cool there was a giant PUNJAB parade this Sunday and we went to it. I've never seen so many Indians in my life. and all or them were reppin' swords on their hips. they gave us a crap ton of free food it was really cool ive never had so much curry in my life. anyway back to my companion he has 11 siblings in his family and he is the only active member in his family. his dad has been married 7 times. pretty crazy stuff also his last companion was a dirt bag and tried fighting him and Elder Canfield knocked him out. haha anyway he's a good guy though. he just wrote his lady friend back home that he wasn't going to talk to her anymore cause he wants to focus on his mission. so he is a really good missionary. well my legs are prolly gonna get ripped cause I'm biking so much now so thats fun. maybe Garr can send me a really nice bike for free. well CYA love ya bye

To Mandy:  this morning im doing quite swell. thanks for asking. im am rather happy for your current feelings of goodness. i am glad baby scarface is progressing in her physical and mental capabilities. i also sorrow for the agony she endures through her trails. i have a hunch Garr does well in the sales business for the same reason that the one legged freak at the carnival gets lots of tips. my current area here in Lakewood is a very small area. we actually recently acquired bicycles do to the smallness thereof. my companions family is very dysfunctional so i fear he would rather you not visit them.
until we meet again
              Elder Knaphus

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