Thursday, July 18, 2013

June 17 email: transfer is coming

well my week is great. my companion is gettin the boot my new companon's name is Elder Hale he is really tall like 6 foot 8 so that will be interesting. i hope he can ride a bike and work out and stuff like that. its pretty hard getting a new companion when you have a super good comp then he is gone in 6 weeks. oh well, things will work out. we get a new mission president in the middle of this transfer too so that will be really interesting. i hope that he is super stern and get things going on this mission. well i didn't send dad anything for fathers day cause I'm not that loving but you should find him a nice spongebob kids helmet and get it for him and say its from me and that he needs to wear it around. i hope you are able to get caught up on everything and remain sane. i should be getting my camera this week so thats good, i can start sending lots of pictures and stuff. there is this really cute nigras baby named Abook that i will get some pictures with cause she is really cute and funny. last night some drunk girls tried really hard to hit on my companion it was super funny. anywho not much else is new just livin the good life and what not. well love ya bye.

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