Thursday, July 18, 2013

June 3 email: I think it will be extremely hard to come home

im glad to hear things are going swell. sounds like it has been a fun week :D anywho things here are going good. i learned how to make home made beef jerky and also how to make sushi this week it was extremely tasty. i also had an extremely good idea for a clothing company for black people. the company will be called the drinking gord and so far the only shirts i have designed is one with a cotton gin on it and a farm scene with the big dipper supper exagertated. maybe a little tunnel that says under ground railroad. its a work in progress. also the  black kid i was teaching in my last area is getting baptized this week so thats cool. oh and we had a baptism this week but it dosent really count cause we only taught her once haha she came ready to be baptized. are investigator from Sudan his name is Riak and he is a DJ and has preformance anme is DJ poormillionair its pretty funny he is a cool guy. i might sell him a shirt. so we were teaching this Brazilian girl the other day and she lives right next to us so she took the bus home with us and while walking home she was tryin to get all up in my bussiness she totally wanted to give me an SJ and a BR. anywho im thoroughly enjoying my mission. i think it will be extremely hard to go home. i dont remember how to be a normal human. well  if you wanted to get my clothing company started for me that would be fine.  oh and this week an old muslim punjab lady cursed me. she was just sitting there mumbling stuff while looking at me. so if i die anytime soon blame the poonjabbies.  anyway hope you have a beautiful day lolz byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee  

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