Thursday, July 18, 2013

July 8 email: New mission President

hey Dad, you need to send me some cool pictures of your brain. things are going great here we have one guy on date to be baptized but its in awhile so we are taking baby steps with him he will be baptized though. i hear Lindsay is doing good i can only communicate with her through letters so i haven't heard from her cause i suck at letters. her mom is doing super good though i have talked to her a little. she has the missionaries over for meals every week and bakes them food. Elder Marsh is really reaping the rewards of my work haha. we have had the new mission president for about a week. he is awesome he is a super dynamic guy. i think he will be an apostle someday. when he gives talks he write 15 to 20 talks then just says what the spirit directs him to say. so thats really cool i had an interview with him this week and he told me to get ready to train again haha he is super funny cause he is just telling everyone what is going on.
Mandy, man sounds like you are having a great summer. i have a couple cute little kids that like me. the is a really cute chubby nigglet baby named Abook that really likes me and always tries giving me hugs. also another little black girl fell asleep on my lap this last week while we were teaching her mom it was super cute. then there is another family with a bunch of cute little girls and last time we were there we had a pillow fight. i will try to get pics with all the cute kids around here. anywho as long as the jazz have Hayward there is HOPE love you bye

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