Thursday, July 18, 2013

June 10 email: this week has been really cool

Man it sounds like I'm missing out on quite a bit of exciting things. this week has been really cool. we have been having lots of neat experiences. on Sunday we were able to give lots of people priesthood blessings and it was pretty neat, me and Elder Canfeild are having a really good time together. its kinda a bummer cause transfers are in a week and we will be split up for sure cause there is 26 new missionaries coming out. thats a record in this mission. so i will prolly end up training again or something.  the ward i am in is really great. there are a ton of young married couples who are super cool. it actually makes it kinda hard because it gets easy to become too comfortable. when you are in a hard area the only thing you can do to have fun is work hard. here the members always want us to come over and have ice cream and all sorts of stuff so it gets hard to be productive. elder Georges dad had a brain tumor awhile back too. and his dad had to relearn everything even how to balance and stuff. will papshmere have to do that type of stuff? i always thought that would be the craziest thing to have to relearn things. man those stitches are super gnarly. i would think they could just make a small hole and snake in there or something but they straight up scalped him like a red man. is his speech improving? next week i will send you some pictures through Email. well i love you all lots!

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