Thursday, July 18, 2013

May 27 email: Chris is in Paris Hospital

second honeymoon in Paris:
yea my mishy pres has been keepin me updated. actually someone in the mission office had the exact thing happen to them so i haven't really worried at all about it. so while you are in France you gonna go visit my home boy Florian? anywho there is a really cool CES devotional talk by elder Bednar called it is better to not shrink. you should watch it. well things are going great here i love my companion and time is flyin by I'm officially past the year mark so that's weird. we are starting to see loots of miracles here in Lakewood its really cool area we are 1 of 3 walking areas and we recently got bikes so its super fun. I'm getting in a lot better shape. we run 5 miles every morning now and ride bikes all day. so I'm really hoping i stay in this area all summer and have fit companions. i weigh like 195 right now but i think I'm gonna start dropping again pretty quick. so how many books have you read since you have been there? are you doing fun things there or just spending all your time worrying? just wanted to let you know that i prayed about this whole thing and i feel very strongly that everything will be solid so you shouldn't worry about it. well hope you enjoy the honeymoon. love ya bye bye

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