Thursday, July 18, 2013

July 1 email: Canada Day

holy cow its July! weather is really nice but our apartment is super hot i fall asleep sweating every night. i feel like I'm in Africa. i got the package yesterday! it was super cool! i love the shirts also i thought it was funny that you sent me a bunch of candy that i can get here haha.

well i now am a proud owner of a new suit. i went to a thrift store yesterday and there was a pretty cool light suit that fit me perfectly so i bought it. it was 30 big ones.

 i have made a new personal goal to take lots of pictures. so that will be good for you also im gonna send some today for you. that missionary broadcast was super cool. im really glad you are actually trying to put action to it. cause most members just watch it then go back to living in there sinful states haha it will be really cool getting to have i pads and facebook. its funny that you have missionaries per stake and here its two sets per ward. you should challenge Darel to take the missionary discussions. anyway my new comp is still weird but we get along well. i make him come sit outside while i run sprints and stuff like that so its cool. well im gona go so i have time to send pics bye

Email to Dad:   canada day was fun. but not nearly as cool as the fourth is in the USA. canadians just dont love there country as much. its weird now that im at the point in my mission were every holliday is my last one in canada. also i cant beilieve that this year is half way over pretty wild. the mission is going really well we are having quite a bit of success with less active members right now. and we have six investigators. they are progressing really slowly though. our most progressing is a native dude who wants to be baptised but is having a hard time quiting smoking. the members in this ward are awesome though we get takin care of super good and im having a hard time losing weight. well im glad you are doing so well and that you ge too take naps im pretty jealous. its been a long time since i have takin a nap.  well love you lots oh and you should ask for pictures of your brain.  byeee

Ties we wore for "Canada" day
Rest of the pictures he sent:

 Elder Marsh
 Elder George
 me being "me"
 Our living room
Elder Lee

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