Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July 15 email: "Pondering Buffalo"

To Mom:  yeah those shirts are pretty awesome. this week was super cool. my companion was sick all week so for half the week i just cleaned our apartment and read the BOM but then i went on exchanges with the zone leaders and it was super fun. we went and taught this native lady who is super funny she named me "pondering buffalo" not sure why. but then she invited us to a freaking POW WOW and we got permission to go, so we went and watched the native do crazy stuff, and bought some fun things. then they announced our names on the speaker system and we gave away tons of BofM and the crazy native lady that took us was telling everyone to become a Mormon, it was funny. and then we went and visited this other crazy lady with a funny little girl who was torturing a cat. it was funny she would pick up the cat and shove it in a plastic bag and hide it places then run around holding it and the cat didn't even care.  also on my exchange we went to this burger joint called fat burger and did a eating challenge called the triple king burger. it was one of the better burgers I've had. i also scored a sweet shirt for eating it. the place was called fat burger. they took pictures of us and said they would put them on their face book page so you could look that up. also this morning i cut my hair for the first time i think i did a pretty good job. also we got a new investigator this week it was a really cool lesson she said she felt like it was true but she is not sure what god wants her to do because her husband is a pastor in a baptist church but in the closing prayer she started to cry so it will be interesting to see how things turn out. anyway things are going really well and i love you all very much byeeeeeeeee
Missionaries in their Fatburger tshirts!!!  So fun!!
Oh also im hoping to send a package home this next week so let me know if there is any thing that you want. if you have the name of those candies i could look for you. also tell everyone to make requests of there favorite candy and what not. oh and I'm starting to get pretty good at cooking. i made some alfredo sauce without directions and it turned out really good. this week Im gonna try to make like a four cheese sauce that i can eat with this chicken i bought. oh and Dan Jones is super cool. bye.
To Mandy:   Man baby Scar is super cute. there is a little girl in this area that just turned two who is really cute she always comes up to us and shows us her toes and hair then makes cute noises with her tongue. It makes me think of Scar a little bit. Man this week I went to a pow wow and got some cool stuff. like a poncho and necklace. its pretty rad. love ya lots <3
To Dad:   man those mini pizzas are something i definitely miss a lot. that's super cool that you are loosing all that weight you are lookin like a stud. where in the world is Hartford? sounds really cool. you need to get a cool job for when i get home so you can send me off somewhere. anyway the work in this area is doing good we are slowly building up this area. the ward is awesome we get fed every day and people are super willing to help us out with anything, the new mission president is super cool he has a neat way of doing things and I'm really hoping he changes up a lot of thing in the near future.

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