Tuesday, July 23, 2013

July 8 email: New dress code

Well well well things are going really good our new mission pres is a super cool guy. and it seems like this mission will start to take off a bit. we have an investigator on date now. he will be baptized in the beginning of September so pretty far away but its because he wants to be completely cured of all his bad habits. so that's cool. we have otter pops but they are called freezies. i don't think i will spend that cash you sent me. I'm trying to be good with money for the end of my mission. you know develop some good habits. so i have thought about some fun things you could send me in the future. like a family cookbook would be cool i have been cooking fun meals lately. anywho you should look at all the crazy changes in dress code that were just made. we can wear sandals and all sorts of crazy stuff. our mission President thinks our mission will have i pads by august so that would be fun. oh and you need to tell balerina Ben gay that he cant get married to Natalie Bryson for me.  man is Garr reppin a ten speed? im really starting to enjoy biking as well i could see myself getting into it. but i don't know if im quite happy enough yet. thats sweet that Logan is going on the road. what am i gonna do for dad when i get home? work on the Brasilia temple? anyway i have been planning out my future a lot because im scared i will get home and work for MacDonald's and live in a old folks home or something. so hopefully my ankle dosent brake too cause that would suck. man baby scar face sure is lookin cute! is she blonde? that would be weird. anyway i G2G i sure love ya hope all your wildest dreams come true bye!
Link for new missionary clothing rules:   https://missionary.lds.org/dress-grooming/elder/dress/slacks/?lang=eng

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