Tuesday, May 20, 2014

April 14th: My new companion is a stud

my week was just swell. my new companion is a stud he is a really good teacher and I'm a good finder so we are going to kill it. so far this week we have found 4 new investigators. so that is really good. its definitely weird going to an old area but the members here like me a lot. so thats good. everyone is giving me a hard time though all they talk about is that I'm going home soon which is pretty annoying, but life happens. one of the people i found here got baptized and he is now not fully active so I'm working with him. we also have an investigator family from Sudan and there kids are so freaking funny just little black hoodlems. its really weird that Scar face is two! thats quite the landmark. whats her favorite type of toy maybe i can get something for her from Canada like a toy moose or something stereotypical. did you have the blister missionaries teach stu lesson one? the only big clothes i would keep is maybe some animal shirts. they are just tall tees now ha. I'm probably gonna do absolutely nothing for my birthday. prolly just enjoy doing some tracting.well i sure love ya lots im looking forward to seeing you in about a month.
to Mandy:
 Thats so crazy that scar is two! hopefully Maxy puppy is doing ok. my new area is great my new companion is really sweet. he was pretty disobedient before i came but he knows better so he is doping really good he is an awesome teacher and we should have lots of success before i leave. well i love you to the moon and back have a beautiful day byeeeeeeeeeee
To Dad:
 Thats too bad that Garrs knee failed... life happens then we die i guess. I'm surprised Manny is still fighting he is getting old. well I'm getting really close to the month mark so thaty is pretty scarry,.
Our Zone!  
When I asked about his ugly tan socks he told me they were wool and to leave him alone cuz it was freezing there!!!  haha!!

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