Sunday, May 18, 2014

Feb. 24th: the dad is ready to get dunked

I had a fine week. we found a new investigator but passed her over to the sister missionaries. we are having lots of success but its mostly for other areas. one person i found on the bus is getting baptized in a couple weeks. so that is neat. also the Chartrands are doing really good. the dad who is the only one who isn't baptized called the elders this week and said he was ready to get dunked! so thats super ccol. im pumped. that means in total 7 people in that family have now joined the church. well im staying in my area and keeping my companion. so thats fun. one of the sisters in our area is leaving though so that will be sad she was a really good missionary. do you not see the missionaries at church? i imagine they have missionaries covering every ward there. anyway im really trying to figure out what to do with my life when i come home. it will be fun to figure it out.   love yall!
To Mandy:
  man when i go home I'm probably gonna have like ten cavities. so that will suck. i might try to find a Mormon dentist before i leave and get some free work done. that's nice that it is warm in Utah. it is still -20 here. i thought i was going to get frostbite last night i was so cold walking home. man its so weird to hear all about my buddies hanging out with the fam and stuff. hopefully they don't all get married before i get back!  love you lots <3

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