Tuesday, May 20, 2014

April 22: 30 days left "I'm still loving the work"

My Easter was just grand, we spent almost the whole day tracting and had very little success because everyone was doing family things. I'm thinking I'll prolly just wing my homecoming talk. if i chose my favorite topic we would be talking about the blacks and the priesthood. our Easter Sunday was neat elder Christofferson came to our stake and spoke to us. he talked to us about the name of Christ and how there is power in his name. its really cool that Logan is doing such a good job as branch mission leader. I have had a few mission leaders who didn't really care about their calling and it really made it harder on us as missionaries, so its cool to see how stalwart he is with it. i think it was definitely a calling that was inspired by god. well yesterday i got my flight plans and a letter from my president talking about going home. all the sudden things got real haha. its really weird he wants me to start devoting time in my studies to making lists about the future and stuff like that haha it pretty weird. its becoming harder and harder to focus on the work i have found that i just have to keep working or my thoughts wander haha also this p day we played some football and it was really fun. its really odd trying things for the first time as a skinny person. I'm so used to being the slow kid and not doing too well with stuff like that, but now I'm pretty good. but its like i dont know how to use my body I'm like a baby deer walking for the first time. but thats okay I'll adjust. my new comp is running with me now so thats fun, but he is really slow so its not much exercise, but its better then nothing, also since it was Easter week end there was lots of sales and i kinda went all out and decided to buy a whole outfit to come home in haha so i will be looking fresh to death when i get home. amyway its been a good week I'm still loving the work and I'm excited to be home in just a few weeks. LOVE YA
PS.  hey so in conference members were challenged to read from PMG have you been able to do it at all?
I asked the ward what Riley's homecoming talk should be about and here is their answer:
" This is so exciting. Pres Boyer asks returned missionaries to share missionary experiences and bear testimony of gospel principles."
Riley's response:  "sounds like i will be talking about the law of chastity."  haha!!!
To Dad:
whenever there is a temple built in an area the missionary work increases. so thats a good way of getting non members to know about the temple being built in their backyards. you could also get a hold of some temple open house invites and give them away to everyone you meet on the streets of Indy. it would be easy you could just start talking to people, then let them know you are there working on the temple, then it would start an awesome convo about what temples are. then you could invite then to the open house. man I'm excited to hear a cute little Scar's prayer. little kid prayers are the best. nothing makes me happier then wen a little kid prays for us. it melts my heart, i hope this last month is a good one too. i set lots of goals to work hard and hoping that things pay off:)

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