Sunday, May 18, 2014

January 20th: God is really helping me to come home on a good note

oh man. this has been a crazy week my new area is pretty crazy. my companion has been out for 4 months and he has only been in this area for two weeks because of an emergency transfer. so i have been staying up late studying maps and bus routes. but i think i have everything figured out now. i had to figure things out quick because my new comp struggles a little bit and he was really scared taking over the area. I'm really hoping that i can attend the Chartrands baptism, they are getting baptized this Saturday at one o clock. i email elder Dutson and he updates me on them. they are doing super good. they have completely changed there life's. i just really hope i can go because then i can baptize a pregnant teen haha.  thats awesome that you are selling those books and having success. and yeah i really want to go to school when i get home. you need to tell me what tests and stuff i need to do and how soon i need to be all signed up. and i want to go to work pretty quick when i get back I'm super scared of getting home and having nothing to do. hopefully you guys are finding me some cute girls. i feel like God is really helping me to come home on a good note because in walking areas you have to talk to a million people so its totally preparing me for my first date haha. except talking about J S prolly wont work to well on dates. also our ward has two sets of missionaries and the other set are sisters so that is pretty weird. and they get a car too, so thats pretty gay. but one of them is super cute so i don't really care hahahahaha oh and we live in a house with 2 other missionaries so its pretty fun. and my comp dosent work out, but the other guys I'm forcing to work out with me. its pretty fun. I'm going to come home with a six pack but im not sure its even possible. well love ya lots
To dad:
 The new area is good it is a walking area. I'm not a zone leader any more. I get to finish my mission working hard as a regular missionary. we are on the bottom of Edmonton and most of our area isn't even on a map yet because it is all new development. my new companion is from San Jose and has a hard time being a missionary, but I'm being overly enthusiastic so its working well. he just needs to forget himself and go to work. i really love my new area, its a fairly new ward and the ward really struggles with being unified so it will be a fun challenge but the bishop and ward mission leader are really good so things will be good. i love taking the bus and talking to lots of people so I'm enjoying life. man all my friends are going to be married before i get home.  i definitely want to work right when I get home so you can book me a flight to Indy now :) well i love ya <3
To Mandy:
 my new area is great its a walking area and my new companion is struggling a bit but that's okay. i really enjoy working in walking areas because you can talk to millions of people. man i had a dream a couple days ago that I was at the airport and gave Scar a hug. it made me pretty trunky haha. but any ways things are going good my new area has two sets of missionaries and the other ones are sisters so that's pretty weird but at least one of them is the hottest sister in the mission. hahaha well i sure love ya!

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