Sunday, May 18, 2014

Feb. 10th: My companion felt the spirit really stong this week

I get home on the 22 unless they can't book a plane or something weird. but the funny thing is this week i actually got my "trunky call" when they call to book the flight so i will know my travel plans next month they said haha thats pretty sad. we haven't heard anything about the olympics. and we don't watch TV either haha  this week was good for me we saw a great bounty of blessings. and we worked really hard. my companion felt the spirit very strong this week and we talked a lot and he is doing really good. and he has a desire to be here now. one cool thing that happened, we were talking to like an ancient native American guy and he randomly said. "we knew you" and i was like what? and he said before you came here(white people) we knew you would come. i asked him how his people knew and he told us Jesus Christ came to his people. we then told him we have a record of this account in our church and told him all about the book of Mormon it was super cool. he said the way he knew about Christ coming to them is because when he was little some of his elders where praying and Satan and Jesus both appeared and had a battle then Christ taught the two elders in his village that he came to them after he talked to the people in Jerusalem. pretty crazy stuff. anyway we also found a lost sheep this week and that was a miracle as well, just lots of cool things going on. 
 It sounds like Stu and Megan are gonna get married haha crazy stuff. I'm glad all my friends are still hanging out at the home. I'm grateful for you guys being so welcoming and having all my friends love our home so much, it has made a huge impact on my life. well i love you a lot peace!

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