Sunday, May 18, 2014

March 3rd: I feel like my time is growing short

Hello cute mom!
my week was great! it was really cold here. with wind chil it was almost -40 which is really bad. so we couldnt really just walk around or go tracting so we stuck to the busses and just talked to people. you don't have to worry about me getting a ticket because i don't have a car. this week was fun though i talked to lots of people on the bus and we met with some families in our ward. there have been six baptisms in Red Deer this month. it is a little hard struggling in this area and working really hard while all the harvest of my last area is being reaped. but thats okay. i see why i need to be in this area and things are going a lot better. its starting to get really weird i feel like my time is running really short. today i bought deodorant and i thought to myself this is probably the last  tme i will buy deo as a full time missionary. haha also we live really close to the airport so hundreds of planes fly over us each day. and every time my companion says woah that airplane is pretty close! almost two months away. ha hes a jerk.  but its all good it doesn't effect me to much. well mommy dear i hope you have a good birthday. i hope all your wildest dreams come true:D your the best mom a guy could ask for. im really excited to come home and give you a big ol hug! love ya!

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