Sunday, May 18, 2014

March 30: Knockin' doors, takin' names

well this week has been great, nothing really new happened, we had an investigator come to church on a fast Sunday and she decided to bear her testimony, but all she did was tell her life story. it was super akward she talked about all sorts of things that probably shouldnt be talked about in a chapel haha. other then that we have been just knockin doors takin names. we have been getting bashed a lot lately, but i kinda like it. i have found out lots of ways to catch people lying so it works out well. but I try not to bash because no good comes from it. i have convinced some one we live with to come running with me in the mornings so hopefully that lasts. he is a kinda chubby mexican so its kinda slow pace but its better then nothing. jaja so I'm pumped on that, it makes me feel a lot better in the mornings. this week i also went on exchanges with elder Marsh! it was so much fun. he is a stud. when we were on exchanges i got to go to there gym and i ran for 4 miles after not running for a long time, and i got a blister because i was wearing service shoes but it was really nice. i have come to really love running. im getting excited about coming home, its gonna be weird when april hits this week because then in my brain I'm thinking its just next month! crazy! well this week I'm going to do some shopping becasue there is a memeber who works at H&M and gives us a discount so im going to get clothes to bring home so i have something to wear when i get back. its weird shopping for skinny person clothes haha. well this week is going to go by super fast we have a jam packed week especially with general conference.  well i love you with all my heart im excited to see you in a month and a half  Love Elder K
to dad:
man hopefully my room dosent end up being a super gay color. haha sounds like you are quite busy with the temple. i guess its better to be busy then not though. Garr is pretty wild, riding across the USA, that just sounds miserable to me haha. is he doing it on a ten speed or what? hopefully mom made him a packing list with everything he needs for the trip haha. I'm really excited about conference this week. it is always a good time. im hoping to have some prayers answered as i listen to those inspired men and women. well hopefully things go well at the job. i sure love ya lots and im excited to see you soon.  elder K

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  1. wow mom! great updates! you are almost all caught up!