Saturday, May 17, 2014

Nov. 19th: Fainted in the middle of the hospital!

well this week was pretty wild. it started off with an exchange in a little town called Three Hills. the town is called the bible belt of Alberta because there is a bible college there. so everyone that lives there is a hard core christian. so pretty much everyone we talked to just bashed with us and told us we were going to hell. but i learned a lot so it was really cool. i now have a stronger testimony of the great apostasy. then we exchanged back but there was some missionaries in our zone struggling so we went on emergency exchanges. and that day we were so busy that we skipped breakfast so we could drive to these other missionaries then i skipped lunch cause i was talking to this missionary. then a member in our ward called us to give a guy in the hospital a blessing so we went there but he was getting some work done i think dialysis or something, so we had to wait for an hour in the hospital and it smelled really gross and there was sick people everywhere, so i got light headed and i totally fainted in the middle of a hospital hall way. haha it was really funny! everyone in my ward has been making fun of me, its great, but then we gave this half dead indian a blessing and now today he is walking around. so im pretty sure his whole family wants to get baptized, so thats pretty rad. we are going to go see him today. cause last time we saw him he couldn't even talk and now he is walking on his own. anyway the priesthood is real so that's good. also are new investigator is on date to be baptized and he is super solid so that's really exciting. i was also on exchanges with Scott Sorenson he is from Utah went to skyline he is really good friends with Travis Norseth. so that was fun to chat with him. anyway i got to go loves ya.

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