Sunday, May 18, 2014

March 10: I have had a milion answers to prayer this week

Things are going nectariney here!!!!!!!! its warm!!!!!!!!!!!!  my companion has experienced a mighty change of heart and is doing amazing. like he is honestly a top notch hard working missionay now. so that has been a mighty miracle. i have seen like a million answers to prayers this week so im pretty pumped. a less actie i fouund tan months ago is now fully active so thats neat. also we are just having tons of success in our area. our investigator showed up to church and really enjoyed it. he wants baptism at the end of this month. also another family we tracted into but passed over to the sisters came to church. so we had 7 investigators which is really good. i can feel God moving this work forward. thats good that Logan got a calling, i really want to be a ward mission leader when i get home. well on our p days we just meet up as a zone and goof off pretty much. i snuggle with elder Marsh a lot because he is in my district. i also play chess sometimes. I'm getting really good. you should tell Garr that i could beat the poop out of him. there isnt really anything fun to do in Edmonton. i could go to the zoo or the west ed mall but i have been to zoos and malls already in my life, so i really have no desire to waste money. ha but im planning on going curling with some members sometime soon because that would be realy awesome. you should study preach my gospel. its the best. well i love ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!      Elder Knaphus
to Mandy:
im so freaking good. how are you dearest sister? Sundays are a good thing. i felt the spirit a lot this week as well. we had a zone conference and our mission president threw down! it was so awesome. he made a new mission standard and he expects us to get 6 new investigators a week. so we are going to be working our little bums off. man i want to hear baby Scar singing. do you think she would want to make a blanket fort with me when i get home? what do you think i should do when i get home? im kinda scared...    well i love ya lots   Elder Chickie Knaphus

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