Sunday, May 18, 2014

March 24th: Excited for Conference

Man it sounds like things are going really well. things here are going good. we are seeing lots of progress but also having lots of set backs. we are making lots of new goals and i think i will be very busy the next two months. its pretty weird that im officially under two months left. its going by too fast. im excited for conference because i feel like it will give my lots of inspiration of what i should do when i get home. also we are having an apostle visit our stake for stake conferenece in April so that will be awesome. i heard rumors that its elder Bednar. im starting to have dreams of home almost every night so that has been kinda sucky. but im starting to get more excited about coming home. it will be really sad not being a set apart missionary but life moves on. my mission president said that my new mission call is my patriarchal blessing haha any way the father of the chartrand family got baptized this week so that is really awesome. now all seven of them are memebrs and can be sealed in the temple. well im getting a haircut today so that will be nice. and im lovin life. oh how did your eye surgery thing go?    LOve Elder K
 The Chartrand father
 The whole crew!!  They are all members now

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