Sunday, May 18, 2014

March 16th: Fear not, only be believing

Fear not only be believing. ha this week was really good. we found 3 new investigators and they are all really solid. we also gave a few potentails to the sisters in our ward and they became investigators too. so we saw lots of miracles this week. one thing that is a little hard is we don't teach too often we mostly find. i think it is becasue my comp has struggled so bad his whole mission that he has never really even tried teaching someone, so our teaching unity is terrible, so God just has us find people who are in other areas or single women to pass over to sisters. but its all good. we are doing lots of practice teaching so he gets more comfortable. lots of the people we have found are on date to be baptized so its been really neat. anyway things are good here im excited but nervous to come home its wild that i now know the time of my arrival that scares me haha
STAY BLESSED  Elder Knaphus
to dad:
hey there! its not wildo baggins its gimly the dwarf with the battle ax. well thanks for telling me my flight info. thats pretty wild to think about. I'm not sure i like it. man it is wild to think Jon Deidrich is going on a mission. i still view him as a child. i think it will be pretty wild to see how much older people are. it might be weird for them to see me skinny too haha well this week was good for me. we found 3 new investigators and they are pretty solid. the only problem is one is in another ward and another is in YSA so only one we get to keep teaching. its been kinda funny in this last area. i think becasue my comp struggles a little god dosnt give us too many people to teach but we have been finding people like crazy. just for other missionaries. which i really actually enjoy. i have come to really love tracting. and most missionaries refuse to even go tracting so I'm completely fine with it because someones got to do it. anyway i love ya lots it sounds like things are going well
BYE    Elder Knaphus 
to Mandy:
I'm having a hard time figuring out what to do. I'm leaning towards staying at home cause then i can figure out career stuff a little easier but also i fear that if I'm at home i will fall back into bad eating habits and bad habits in general. i also think it would be fun to be able to continue doing lots of missionary work in Indy. but i signed up to take that fireman test that dad emailed me so i might look into that. im not sure. i have lots of ideas but nothing to solid yet.  anyway i love you to the moon and back! sounds like i will be seeing you at around 4:30 on may 22nd :)
LOVE YA    Elder Canophouse

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