Saturday, May 17, 2014

Dec. 30th: The Chartrand family is doing great!

Man sounds like it was a fun Christmas. yeah we all set goals for the new years. it is a good time to  re-think things. but its kinda silly for us cause we set goals every single week so it wasn't much different ahha. anyway things are going good the Chartrand family is doing great they are trying to move there date up so i can be there but i told them not to worry about me being there, but to worry about making sure they are ready, so we will see. i might get permission to come see it anyways. but my Christmas was amazing i think i got 6 stockings by the end of Christmas haha the ward here really takes car of us. well i love ya lots :)
To Mandy:
T25 is okay. we went from doing insanity to it so it doesn't really feel like we are getting a workout. but we also don't have to wake up an hour early so its really nice. we are starting beta this week so i think it will be better. the Chartrands are getting baptized on the 25 maybe the 12 we will see. man Scar really is the cutest. its gonna be crazy coming home and getting to meet her. yeah i prayed about joining the army and i didn't feel good about it, so i doubt ill do that. i think I'm just gonna try business college. i think seeing anchor man two would be a good way to break me back into gentile life. ha well i love ya with my whole heart <3 byeeeeeee
To Chris:
I get transferred on the 15th and their baptism date is on the 25 haha, but thats okay. they could possibly move their date to the 12th but they would have to be smoke free for the next two weeks. which would be hard for all off them. but we have been having really good lessons with them. and they expressed that they want me to baptize them so they want to get baptized sooner but i told them it dosent matter. and that they just need to do it for themselves. but it was nice seeing all off you aswell. hope your travels will be safe :)

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