Sunday, May 18, 2014

January 27th: The Chartrand baptism!

My week was good i got to go to the baptism so that was super cool. it was actually really cool. the Chartrand family had been praying that i would be able to go. and the girls were pretty positive that i would be able to, but there is a mission rule that if its farther then an hour you cant go. but my mission president called me and said well elder Knaphus for some reason God wants you to be able to attend that baptism, because another missionary needs to go down to Red Deer for a doctors appointment the same day, so that was really cool. i also got to hang out with one of Garr's mission buddies, so that was fun! he told me that Garr was the biggest goofball in the mission. i have been seeing lots of little miracles in this area but its been hard to be super productive because my companion is really struggling. we spent all Sunday at the mission home and what not but I'm hoping he is motivated to do stuff now. anyway the mission is going fast Im starting to freak out a little bit. but thats okay. I'm still determined to work really hard so that's all that matters, anyway i love ya byyeeee

 The girls who got dunked!
Elder Gold (my replacement), Becky, Kayla, Taylor and Elder Dutson

Conversation with Mandy:
M: Scarlett looks all grown up which kind of makes me sad but this stage she's in is the absolute funniest. She has kitty cat shoes on too. You would like them
R: oh man, I'm wearing my kitten shirt today. i inspired my whole district to buy kitten shirts. so that will be cool. we started a kitten clan. anyway things are going really good i got to go to the baptism so that was awesome.
M: oh man i forgot to write a good email.  did you get to baptize the pregnant girl?
R:  no because i didnt get permission to go till the day before. it was actually really akward because i got there and suprized them type thing, and they asked if i could baptize them... but it was already written on their paperwork and what not.

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