Tuesday, May 20, 2014

May 4th: so that was a nice little miracle

My week has been great. we are teaching lots of African people. so thats been cool we are teaching some Hindu people from India as well. today we went to the temple and it was amazing i received lots of answers to my prayers so that was amazing,. now I'm going to get a haircut so i will be looking good for when i get home, the guy sitting by me i just started talking to him and i got his info he is from Rwanda and has been praying for guidance, he also lives across from our church so that was a nice little miracle. well i will be talking to you soon so i will just say stuff then sure love ya!!!!!!
to Mandy:
MOAB! ah I'm jealous we will call in the evening like at seven..... we are doing it at a Filipinos house so that will be fun. man tell mubby poo happy late birthday. see you in 15 days!!!

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