Sunday, May 18, 2014

January 5th: We had a little miracle this week

hi mommy. i wuv you. there is like a 90% chance i will get transferred and next transfer is on the 15th. so we will find out next Monday. but all is well i think I've been able to accomplish lots in this area so I'm good to move on and start over type thing. this week we went and gave a blessing to a guy in the hospital and we had to get all dressed up in like space outfits and wear masks and stuff it was pretty neat. our investigator family is doing really well they have been smoke free for about a week. and they are accepting everything, we taught them tithing this week and we thought it might be a little hard for them cause they are poor, but they pretty much accepted it immediately. so that was really good. hahahaha we work until it gets -40 and this week it got -46 and we still worked. I'm gonna be so grateful for Utah winters when i get home. there is literally so much snow that our city might go into a state of emergency because they have nowhere to put all the snow. anyway that sucks about the Bengals. we had a member tell us about the game and it seems like turnovers screwed us. anyway we had a little miracle this week. we have an investigator who wants to be baptized but his girl friend was the only thing holding him back and they split up and he asked us if he could get baptized this Sunday. haha it was pretty funny then we told him it was a process so he asked what he needed to do so we told him to stop drinking and he said he would so we will see how that goes. anyway i love ya to the moon and back.
To Dad:
well i will keep you in my prayers for your dr. appointment. but things always work out for the best so your good. anyway things are good here, i will most likely miss my baptisms, but that's okay maybe the missionary that replaces me needs the testimony strengthener:) but i will find out next week for sure. sounds like it was a hard week in the house for football. hows the weight loss going? you were lookin pretty fly at Christmas. anyway Christmas is pretty hard time to be healthy. today we got haircuts and the lady told me i have a deficiency of vitamin D so i will have more energy when i take some pills so that will be cool. anyway i love ya lots.


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