Saturday, May 17, 2014

Dec. 2nd: Lots of success in Red Deer

Not Transferred! hip hop hurray! im really glad im staying. we already have members who have invited us for Christmas. me and elder Dutson are gonna take some fun fun Christmas pictures together so that will be fun. ill just send a few to you and you can give them away to my loved ones. man it sounds like you had lots of fun for thanksgiving. we are having lots of success here in Red Deer. we are getting lots of new investigators but having a hard time getting them to church. we meet in a building that's a 25 min drive and people make lots of excuses so its been kinda hard. on thanksgiving we just had a feast at a members house who is preparing to go on a senior couple mission. it was great they live on a big farm and had good food. they made us eat three coarses of dessert . so anyways i started working on a Christmas package to send home. so hopefully it gets there before Christmas. but if its late it will be a fun after Christmas celebration. we have been listening to some good Christmas music its great. we currently have been reppin Michael Buble. its pretty sexy. anyway i love ya lots! happy holidays!
To Dad:
 im pretty jealous it sounds like you had a great thanksgiving. im excited for calling home i feel like it will be a big milestone. it also sounds like lots has changed since last time i called. so am i gonna be workin on the temple when i get home? that would be sweet. anyway life is good the work is moving forward. we have so much potentail. its just been hard getting everything to work out. love ya lots:)
To Mandy:
 your prayers were answered im staying in red deer :D man i bet thanksgiving was fun. I'm preparing a Christmas package to send home so you should get excited. today we have a really bad blizzard. snow is flying sideways its pretty fun. man im excited for her to say my name on Christmas!!! loves
 For some reason, my comp thinks I'm gay
 ankle still hurts
 Yay!!  My snuggie!!

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