Sunday, May 18, 2014

Feb. 18th: Went to the Temple today

this week was great we have p day today because yesterday was family day here so everyone was home with family so we could work hard that day. and also we went to the temple today which was really great. i saw the new new video it was cool. do you still go to the temple often? we have been doing a butt load of finding. it has been good. right now two people i have talked to on buses are on date to be baptized. so that's pretty cool. also this week Cindy Chartrand got baptized, the grandma of the family i taught. so thats really cool. it has been a ripple effect. man I'm pretty pumped to come home and meet baby Scar she sounds so adorable. yesterday one the bus there was a lady with a 4, 3, and 1 year old. they were the cutest kids ever, they all had red curly hair. one of there names was Riley. and i became friends with them all then i started talking to the mother. and turns out that she went to our church for a little with a good family friend. and there 19 year old daughter has a friend on a mission. so that was really neat. she said she would love to learn more about the church. so I'm pretty excited to teach them. my comp is still doing good he dosen't wake up in the mornings so i pretty much just do everything myself but he will come work, so things are going really good. for my birthday just send me a letter. i honestly don't want a package for my birthday. just save the money so we can go shopping when i get home. anything you send me i wont even be able to use because i have too much crap to take home already haha. im not gonna bring home any clothes or anything so i will bring home a bunch of candy or anything you guys want. its pretty weird that my birthday is coming up. also this is the last week of the transfer so that means i only have two transfers left. pretty scary. well love you lots. <3
to Chris:
sounds like scar is in charge of our household :)  anyway the weather here is beautiful. it makes me a little scared because i have programmed in my mind that when it warms up i go home haha so thats fun.   well new things we are doing... on valentines day i bought a bunch of chocolate hearts and taped them to pass-a-long cards and gave away over 60 so that was kinda fun. we are starting to keep track of every single door we knock on. so that we can talk to every person in this whole area. we are trying really hard to get our ward more united, its a new ward in newly developed houses so no one knows each other and there is no fellowship. we need someone to do scone Sundays. i wont get my exact travel plans for awhile in fact i think they will tell you guys first. well sure love ay to death. 

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