Sunday, May 18, 2014

January 13: Transfer to Ellerslie

Well I'm off to the big city! my new area is called Ellerslie and my new comp is elder Cassel or something like that.  god does know all things he is Omnipotent. he has a perfect knowledge of what the end result of everything will be. we do have free agency he doesn't control us but he knows exactly what we are going to do, just like an imperfect parent can usually predict things that will happen in their child's life. but he is perfect and has a perfect knowledge of all things.  that's why the bible and the book of Mormon are able to prophecy of things to come and things that have happened in this dispensation because God already knows it all. anyway thats crazy that dad is in china right now. we actually met with the Mandarin speaking missionaries this week because we have a Mandarin person that might get baptized. man i would die for some Little America food right now. that sounds really good. today i have been doing some packing and i found my baptism clothes and i can fit in one leg of the pants they are so big. haha well we met with the Chartrand family the other day and they are super ready for their baptism. they have to be interviewed by our mission president though because they had pretty rough pasts. but thats okay.  I'm hoping that i get to drive down to see the baptism. well i sure love yall

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