Saturday, May 17, 2014

December 9th:

I got the packages and the stockings are hung :D elder Dutson was so pumped. but we did have kinda a weird thing happen we now have a third companion. so thats kinda strange. his companion got sent home so he is with us for a transfer. man it sounds like you had quite the week. and i definitely don't need a new coat, winter will be over in no time. my ankle is good, I've been working out on it and its getting stronger. yeah i got my bank card do you think that i need to call it or anything to make it work. anyway my new comps name is elder Thompson he is a nice guy he has been out for about 6 months. man this Christmas season is pretty wild as a missionary. we have been so busy that every week is just a blur. something cool we got to do is go teach at another church it was the word of life church and there church is more like a concert hall. but we taught them all and it was really neat the spirit was super strong. also elder Dutson got to play on there drums. i dont remember if I've told you but elder Dutson is a pro on the drums. this week we had our ward Christmas party as well. it was really great we had a ton of non members come out to it. also we had mlc so we were in Edmonton. it was pretty fun. well Im excited to see you in 13 days :D 
to Mandy:
 sounds like a super fun week. do you think it will really fall off? this week i could have lost limbs it was so cold. it got down to minus 44 pretty darn cold. man things are pretty crazy right now. we got a third companion because someone went home wtih a torn acl so its been hard to adjust to. and also we have the busiest month ever. hopefully i stay sane. i got to sleep in the mission home the other day that was fun. im going to send a package today so i hope it gets home by Christmas. shoveling has been going good we got a new investigator from it yesterday so that was cool. anyway i sure love ya i will try to plan out Christmas this week so we can set up the skype. also is everyone gonna be in town for Christmas? well i love ya lots bye

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