Sunday, May 18, 2014

Feb. 3rd: I'm trying really hard to stay motivated

Dad, I would love to come back and visit the mission. I have no idea when my release date is. you are probably right though. its somewhere around May 22. I should get a call in the next week or so asking what airport I want to fly into and what not. I'm not sure what we would do though in my mission. there aren't too many people I would want to go visit. but vacation would be a good time. to be honest i really dont know what we would do. my mission is a pretty bland place. haha but it would still be fun if we did all the outdoor things. and i could see some of the people I taught and what not. 
I didn't see too many people in Red Deer when I went to the baptism, just the people who were there. but it was really cool. the new area is going good. we have lots of potential we just have to get things going. my comp is still struggling a lot. i think there is a good chance he will go home. but I'm not sure. its hard though, because it makes it hard for me to work hard because he wont get out of bed and what not. but I'm trying really hard to stay motivated no matter what circumstance I'm in. anyway i love you lots. thanks for trying to make me trunky talking about home and what not. haha 
to Mandy:
 im doing just grand. thats too bad that the superbowl was a flop. at least it was a good excuse to eat good food. Is Garr gonna try to get married before me? haha we dont have a car. we walk around everywhere. im not writing that Payson girl anymore it was more of a funny thing then anything else. i don't know about coming home. i don't want to be picked up. i would be down to visit Canada. but at the same time there isn't much here besides oil. but i hear Hawaii has nice beaches. haha well i love you to the moon and back hope you have a beautiful week!

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