Saturday, May 17, 2014

Dec. 23rd:

man oh man. things are going so good right now. we are totally gonna have a baptism on the 11 so thats sweet they are progressing really quick. everytime we see them they have read and prayed and they have come to church every week and even quit a job to come to church. its pretty awesome to see such a crazy change in this families lives. they went from all of them smoking even the 12 year old. and the 17 year old is pregnant. but now they quit all their addictions. and are loving life. they even got us a bunch of christmas presents. it is really exciting. also are ward is the best, everyone is giving us gifts and stuff, its ridiculous. im excited to skype home on christmas at nine o clock. we will be skyping from the Highams house they are really cool they have a son on a mission in korea. make sure to have everyone be appropriate though cause they are kinda molly mormons. anyway im struggling with my diet this time of year but im trying to recommit its just hard. yeah I'm wanting to get into school pretty quick i was actually really thinking about going into bussiness so that would be great. welll make sure you plan out some good questions for me. love you lots
 The Tri Pan!

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